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Technology: The Key To Success At The Máximo Paz Works Cooperative

💰 Today we tell you a success story that illustrates the importance of technology in the evolution of organizations. From process automation to the creation of new business models, technology has been key to driving growth and innovation at the Cooperativa de Obras de Máximo Paz.

🗣 "Without this system, it would be unfeasible to be able to work properly," said Diego Di Sapio, Deputy General Manager of the Máximo Paz Works and Development Cooperative, a company that originated in the town of Santa Fe for more than 50 years, providing services and solutions to the inhabitants of the region.

Since its inception, the cooperative has made an effort to expand its catalog of services and adapt to the needs of the community. Today, they have advanced solutions such as high-speed internet through fiber optics, HD television, gas and water supply, and fixed telephony.

🤝 Not only that, but they have also come to provide services to surrounding towns, even in areas where the mobile phone signal does not even reach, as is the case with Pearson in the province of Buenos Aires.

In 2007, faced with AFIP's request to implement electronic invoicing, the cooperative turned to Neuronic to update its previous systems, developed in Basic 👨‍💻

🚀 In turn, they decided to give their system greater versatility, therefore the project was not a migration but a great reengineering. "Now the system constantly evolves according to the requirements we need, we are in permanent contact with the Neuronic development team" said Di Sapio.

The system was migrating according to technological, market and business needs at all times. In these 16 years, he changed his environment (from win to web), his language (from .net to java), his database (from SQL Server to MySQL). It also went through various versions of Tomcat and had versions in GeneXus 7.5, 9.0, Xev1 and currently 17. It also has satellite Kbs that were born with the Win CE generator and are now on Android.

🙌 Currently, they have more than 12,000 users in Máximo Paz and localities in the region that trust the cooperative as their main service provider.

Hand in hand with Neuronic, the cooperative is an example of how an institution can evolve and adapt to the needs of the community, relying on new technologies offering innovative and quality solutions 👏😊

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