GPT-4 Release

GPT-4: What's new in the OpenAI Chatbot?

🤖 How to test GPT-4?

The first way is to subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus service, which costs $20 per month, which will allow you to interact with the options of the new engine. The second option is free using Bing with ChatGPT, Microsoft's new conversational browser is based on GPT-4 but access to the service must be requested

What improvements does GPT-4 offer?

Can see and understand images

GPT-4 can see and understand images 👀 It can process images to find relevant information, such as identifying clothing patterns, plants, translations, recipes, and maps. Although he still can't understand certain subtleties, such as whether a dress is appropriate for an interview.

It's harder to fool

GPT-4 is harder to fool 🤐 Today's chatbots are prone to go awry and say strange things when persuaded a bit. However, GPT-4 has been trained on many malicious ads and is much better at maintaining objectivity and avoiding straying from the rules. OpenAI sees GPT-3.5 as a test run for the new training architecture, allowing them to apply the lessons learned to the new version, making it more stable and predictable.

Has a longer memory

GPT-4 has a longer memory 📕 Large language models have a limit to how much they can be "in mind" during a conversation with a user. The previous version of ChatGPT had a limit of 4,096 tokens (8,000 words), while GPT-4 has a maximum limit of 32,768 tokens (60,000 words), which translates to about 50 pages of text. In short, GPT-4 has expanded memory and better capabilities.

It is more multilingual

GPT-4 is more multilingual 💬 Although the AI world is dominated by English, GPT-4 proves that it can answer multiple-choice questions with high accuracy in 26 different languages. It performs best in Romance and Germanic languages, but its generalizability to other languages is promising.

She has different "personalities"

GPT-4 has different "personalities" 👥 “Steerability” in AI refers to its ability to change its behavior on demand. GPT-4 has more addressability than its predecessor, and users can change the "Classic ChatGPT Personality" to something more suitable for their needs. Now they will be able to introduce a perspective, a conversational style, a tone or a method of interaction from the first moment.

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