infraestructura de trabajo remoto

Remote work and its infrastructure.

How do we secure remote work for our team?

As time goes by, more and more companies understand digital transformation as a way to be more competitive. This generates more opportunities in the market, and we have been preparing for some time to capitalize on some of them in the best way possible.

We are sustaining our growth as a company and we do so by meeting our goals every month, as you can see through our publications. The neuronic team is large and diverse, with people working from different provinces.

How do we ensure remote work for the entire team?

We decided to invest in infrastructure and hardware. In the first stage, we acquired equipment for Energy Autonomy, which allows us to supply our servers with electricity stored in batteries. This way, when the electricity supply is interrupted due to external causes, the servers and the internet connection continue working.

Today we announce the second stage of our investment, the purchase of Lagertha, a second server. Like Ragnar, the first one, we will also use it to create virtual machines. That is, individual workspaces, in which our developers access via remote connection to carry out different projects.

For each of these virtual machines we determine the hardware based on the work to be done, taking into account the following characteristics: number and speed of microprocessors, gigabytes of RAM and gigabytes of storage. We also install an operating system with all the necessary tools to start working.

Ragnar currently has a capacity of approximately 20 virtual workspaces. But in a third stage we will expand the capacity of generating virtual machines in Lagertha to produce 20 more workspaces, which would give us a total of 40.

Another part of our team works developing on our clients' servers and we will continue working this way as long as it is not required otherwise. In addition our team has other jobs: administrative, marketing and infrastructure, currently we are 32 neuroscientists working every day.

We are having a true internal digital transformation, creating virtual computers so that workers from anywhere in the world can work efficiently. In this way, when opportunities arise, we will be able to do what we know how to do, to help other companies and organizations grow.

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