5 ventajas Low-code

5 Things A Low-Code Solution Can Do For Your Business. 

How to save time and money with our programming?

Today's ever-changing business environment forces organizations to take advantage of platforms that offer technology solutions to create and deploy software in days or weeks.

These platforms are known as low-code, which means that developments are achieved in a short time.

At Neuronic S.R.L. we use GeneXus, one of the best low-code platforms, so we are well aware of its benefits.

5 things a Low-code solution can do for your company.

Industry analysts predict that low code will account for around 65% of all application development by 2024.

Do you want to know its advantages?

1. Develop faster

The most obvious advantage is that it saves days, weeks or even months of development to get an application that works and satisfies a need. Therefore, it is a fast way to develop an application.

2. Reduce development costs

Logical consequence of the previous point: if less time is spent on creating low-code software, development costs are mechanically reduced.

3. Fast update

These platforms allow companies in the midst of digital reconfiguration, among many other advantages, to generate proofs of concept to implement and test an idea.

4. Avoid blockages

You have an idea, but how do you turn it into a concrete application if you don't have the necessary knowledge? We do it for you, we just have to interpret that idea and develop it quickly. Low-code allows you to test a market before committing yourself too much and, of course, without too much investment.

Specific needs with more flexibility

One of your business teams has a specific business need and asks the IT team to fulfill it. However, the technical team has its own roadmap to follow with more "important" developments. What company hasn't experienced stresses under this scenario before? Well, we can meet that need in a short time and at low cost.

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